Double-press the CH button in X1 transmitter( the channel should be the same as the flash)
Take off the battery and press the power switch for 2s, and then connect the computer with the flash.
The on/off for the AF assist lamp is controlled by the camera hot shoe when using X1T-S/TT685S( HVL-F60M is included). In Sony camera series, only SLR cameras (such as a99, a77II) is able to send foca...
1.The AF assist lamp in X1T/TT685S won’t be on even turn on the switch when used off-camera.2.When used with ILDC cameras ( such as ILCE6000L,a77II), the AF assist lamp in X1T-S/TT685-S won’t be on.3....
1.Disturbed by the 2.4G signal in outer environment (e.g. wireless base station, 2.4G wifi router, Bluetooth, etc.)To adjust the channel CH setting on the flash trigger (add 10+ channels) and use the ...
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