The Reason & Solution of Not Triggering in Godox 2.4G Wireless
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1.Disturbed by the 2.4G signal in outer environment (e.g. wireless base station, 2.4G wifi router, Bluetooth, etc.)

To adjust the channel CH setting on the flash trigger (add 10+ channels) and use the channel which is not disturbed. Or turn off the other 2.4G equipment in working.

2. Please make sure that whether the flash has finished its recycle or caught up with the continuous shooting speed or not(the flash ready indicator is lighten) and the flash is not under the state of over-heat protection or other abnormal situation.

Please downgrade the flash power output. If the flash is in TTL mode, please try to change it to M mode(a preflash is needed in TTL mode).

3. Whether the distance between the flash trigger and the flash is too close or not

Please turn on the “close distance wireless mode” on the flash trigger:

X1 series: press the test button and hold on, then turning it on until the flash ready indicator blinks for 2 times.

XPro series: Set the C.Fn-DIST to 0-30m.

4. Whether the flash trigger and the receiver end equipment are in the low battery states or not

Please replace the battery(the flash trigger is recommended to use 1.5V disposable alkaline battery).

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