Studio flash trigger

Summary:GODOX studio flash trigger is to control camera to trigger studio strobe synchronously, There is 1, 2. 4 and 16 channels with high resistance. Receiver uses 2AAA batteries; 433MHZ transmit frequency. The workable distance is 20 to 30m.The sync speed is 1/200s

Studio flash trigger

RT Series
Model: RT-01. RT-02. RT-04. RT-16
RT-01S. RT-02S. RT-04S. RT-16S (For Sony&Minolta)

Studio flash trigger

FM Series

Model: FM315

Studio flash trigger

AT Series

Model: AT-01. AT-02. AT-04. AT-16

AT-01S. AT-02S. AT-04S. AT-16S (For Sony&Minolta)

ModelPowerChannelSync AdapterOutdoor Workable DistanceIndoor WorkableDistanceSync Speed
RT SeriesDC1/2/4/16Φ6.35/Φ3.5≥20-30M≥20M1/200s
FM SeriesAC1Φ6.35/Φ3.5≥15-35M≥15M1/180s
AT SeriesAC/2/4/16Φ6.35/Φ3.5≥20-30M≥20M1/200s

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